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November 1st, 2008


And no, this has nothing to do with Ronald resurfacing after roughly 20 years and posting in my guestbook the other day. What brought this about is the fact that I was finally able to buy back my .net URL yesterday, and that made me realize I hadn't updated this site in over a year.

I just don't know what to do with this place anymore, to be honest. There are better places to post art, better places to blog, better places to post music, so all of what I'm doing online these days goes down elsewhere. With the sole exception of my Zoids website, which ironically enough is the only thing besides the more or less defunct eyes see red website that isn't hosted here. I keep thinking I want to turn this into a pure art portfolio site or some manner of home base for Bulletproof, but that stuff is better off posted somewhere where people will actually, y'know, see it.

Anyway, in case somebody wants to know what's been going on, the last year has seen the rise of Bulletproof into the top ten superhero comics on Drunkduck and its subsequent fall because I haven't updated it in months due to injury and other obligations. I've started mountain biking, hence the injury (two vertebral fractures and yes, I'll be fine, thank you.) eyes see red broke up. Firebreather formed and started playing shows with reasonable success. I've been wicked busy with work. I went to NYC this summer. I'm scared of Sarah Palin. That's about it, I think.

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